Year 11 Oratory & Religious Education


“In Unit ¾ Religion and Society we have learning about the topic of belief. What is belief? Belief is an acceptance of the invisible and the unknown that is believed to be true but with no hard evidence. Belief often relates to a transcendent being and transcendent realities. Belief provided adherent of a religion with faithful answers to the existential questions. Such as; Who am I? Why am I Here? Is the life after death? Etc. Belief would provide a pathway to answer these questions, however these answers are personal and subjective. Belief grants us with ethical meaning, morals and rules that guide us to live a good life. Religious belief is caused by a desire to find meaning in life and acts as a binding force that brings a connection to the communities. It is also caused by natural processes that give adherents a desire for answers that are diverse. There are many different aspects of belief, such as Ontology, Epistemology and ethics which provide us with our being, knowledge and our actions. Many religions have a belief in and a belief that, belief in relates to the belief in a person or transcendent being while belief that is the belief that what they are believing is true.”

By Chris Tsakoumakis and Brendan Russo