Whole School Welcome Liturgy

On Friday 4th February, we were scheduled to have our Whole School Opening Mass. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions outlined in the Operations Guide we were unable to gather in our usual way. Nevertheless, we were determined to welcome our community in a way that is deeply embedded in our Catholic School in the Salesian Charism; in prayer.

The service was live streamed into all classes so that the whole school could participate. We began with an Acknowledgement of Country, followed by a prayer service reflecting on the Salesian Charter:

  • A home that welcomes
    Now it happened that late one rainy evening in May (1847) a lad of fifteen showed up soaked to the skin. He asked for bread and shelter. My mother took him into the kitchen and put him near the fire; while he warmed himself and dried his clothes, she fed him a bowl of soup and some bread. As he ate, I asked him whether he had gone to school, whether he had a family, and what kind of work he did…This was the first youngster at our hospice. Very soon we had a companion for him and then others. But during that year, lack of space prevented us from taking more than two. So passed 1847…Convinced that for many children every effort would prove useless unless they were offered shelter, I set about renting more and more rooms, even though the cost was exorbitant.
  • A Parish that Evangelises
    I stood up and made the sign of the cross to begin; but my pupil (Bartholomew Garelli) made no response because he did not know how to do it. I also taught him to know God the Creator and why he created us. Though Bartholomew’s memory was poor, with attentive diligence in a few feat days he learned enough to make a good confession and, soon after, his holy communion.
  • A School that Prepares for Life
    At St Francis of Assisi, I was already conscious of the need for some kind of school. Some children who are already advanced in years are still completely ignorant pf the truths of the faith. For these, verbal instruction would prove long and mostly tedious. They quickly would stop coming. We did try to give them some lessons (in catechism, literacy, mathematics and history), but we were beaten by lack of space and of teachers ready to help us. At the Refuge and later at the Moretta house, we started regular Sunday school, and when we came to Valdocco we also started a regular night school.
  • A Playground where Friends Meet and Enjoy Themselves
    When we came out of church, there was a period of free time for each to do as he pleased. Some continued their catechism class, some practised their singing, some worked at their reading. Most of them, however, jumped about, ran and enjoyed themselves in various games and pastimes. All those exploits of jumping, running, juggling, tightrope walking, stick balancing that I had learned long before from acrobats, were practise under my instruction. In this way I could control that crows, which, in the main, could be described thus: ‘Like a horse or a mule, without understanding’.

We also acknowledged our 2022 Strenna; ‘Do all through love, nothing through constraint.’ These words, spoken by St Francis de Sales, invite us to be with God, completely, expressing all that we do through loving kindness and always with our hearts at the centre.

The second part of our Liturgy included the blessing of student badges and framed Salesian Charters. The badges included:

  • College Crest and House badges which would be distributed in Oratory to our Year 7 Students
  • XII badges to be distributed to our Year 12 students
  • Senior Leaders Badges which were distributed to our newly elected senior leaders for 2022.

Salesian College Chadstone
Student Leadership Team 2022

College Captain:   Daniel Amendola
College Vice Captains:   Jake Johnston / Mitchell Wain
VCAL Captain: Athan Roberts
Sports James Triskelidis
Mission Ronan Easton
Cultural Liam Knight
Academic Ralph Dimar
House Leaders
  Annecy Collinson Moroney Savio
Captain Chris Ciorciari Gabriel Schiavello Siddarth Kapoor Emmanuel Lois
Vice-Captain Jimmy Gantelas Marvin Elliott Harry D’Rozario Oskar Cislo
Cultural College Captains
Liturgy  Pramishka De Alwis
Pastoral Lance Kieu
Social Justice James Bof
Environmental Tristan Zammit
Music Alvin Yala
Drama Angus Allan
Public Speaking/Debating Liam Kakarantzas
House Leaders
  Annecy Collinson Moroney Savio
Year 11 Captain Peter Holland Dieter Hagen-Mujica Gishain Fernando Roey Shrestha
Vice Captain Jack Iverson Sam Wallbridge Ryan Langworthy

James Batsis

Marcellino Baselyous
Year 10  Captain Will Thurston Christian Bernardo James McLaughlin Andrew Tan
Vice Captain Luca Mandile Dylan Rayen Ben Brooks Charlie Cochrane

And finally we introduced and presented our new staff with their framed Salesian Charter which will guide them in their work with our young people. We extend a very warm welcome to:

  • Fr Joe Dinh | College Rector
  • Daryl Barclay | Head of Religious Education
  • Melissa Adela | Music
  • Lucyanne Agius | Food Tech Assistant/LDO
  • Andrew Cho | Food Technology
  • Nicholas Dunmill | Accounting, Mathematics
  • Jayden Hawkes | Maths, Science
  • Molly Hermon | Oratory, English, Humanities
  • Holly Kavanagh | Outdoor Ed Assistant
  • Joyce McGarth | English/EAL
  • Rupi Narwal | Oratory, Science
  • Ashley O’Brien | Food Technology
  • Brett Ruehland | Counsellor
  • Helen Sharp | Canteen Assistant
  • Owen Stephens | VCE Maths, Physics
  • Rachel Stephens | English, Oratory
  • Ben Talko | LDO

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new members, staff, students and their families to our joy filled, Salesian Community. We wish you well

Nadia Knight

Assistant Principal – Mission and Staff Formation