Digital Technology

“In Digitech class, we are learning all about networks and the basics of how to use our computers. We are learning what shortcuts to use at the appropriate time and how to do useful things like make a new folder for emails in Outlook and how to make a new page in OneNote. Soon we are going to learn how to program a robot, called Tobbie, which will be both fun and challenging. Ms Nazar has done Kahoots with us, which is a fun and competitive way to learn about networks and other things relating to technology. Making a digital signature was also very enjoyable, as we got to pick a picture and put details such as our class, house and email. Something challenging was learning all about the computers, with a lot of shortcuts to remember and some challenging things to do. But this was basic and though some of us needed help, we were able to work it out and get it all done. We also learnt about the programming of a computer, where you have to deliver the instructions perfectly or something will go wrong. I can use all this knowledge in the real world in a job, where if I am in a job related to computers, I could get my job done a lot quicker using these quick tips and I may be able to help other people understand. I am really enjoying Digitech, and I look forward to learning more in the coming years.”

Emilio Bellistri | 7F Student

“Throughout the beginning of 2022, Digital Technology has brought understanding of many things, every lesson teaching me things I never knew existed. I have loved everything that has been shown within the subject so far.

Within the first lesson of Term 1 we were taught how to create digital signature, which was not only something fun, but also useful.

After understanding what it is used was for, we learnt how and what we could do to customize its appearance within inbox. This includes an image of our choosing to insert in and a message or quote above to go along with it.

What made this so enjoyable is the fact I had never understood or knew about the digital signature, along with the freedom of creativity to make in any from or shape of our choosing.

At the beginning of 2022 what I believe presented the biggest challenge was that no students had any experience with these new apps and tools. At first everything seemed to be confusing, like understanding how to use OneNote or Simon.

Many have been learnt things within a short time in Digital Technology, and it’s proven to be challenging, fun and useful. I am excited to continue with this subject.”

Oliver Filice | 7F Student