ACC Sports Blog 11/2/2022

Senior Volleyball-  Our volleyball A’s squad had a day out with winning 2 sets to 1 over St. Mary’s. Good to see the A’s squad going back to back victories. Amongst the best players were Jake Johnston, Aris Polychronopoulos and Maiki Giannakopoulos. Our volleyball B’s squad had a better return this week with winning 2 sets to 1 over St. Mary’s. Everyone happy to finally get there first win for the day. Amongst the best players were Harry Chetwin, Enrique Soria and Ollie Arnott.

Senior Tennis- Our tennis team had a smashing victory against St. Mary’s with 12 sets to 0. Everyone played extremely well with Avelino Jones, Jayden De Kauwe and Dilenne Algama. Good to see the boys get there first win of the season after a disappointing outing last week. Hopefully they can keep this form for the rest of the season.

Senior Cricket- Our cricket team had a convincing win. Emmanuel College won the toss and elected to bowl. Jack Iverson the stand out performer with a record batting innings of 197 with 21 4’s and 16 6’s. Jack Iverson has had a outstanding season so far with the bat, with a total of 244 runs to date. After our boys made 2/246 off 20 overs, Emmanuel College came into bat. They scored 30 off 14.5 overs.

Mr Geordie Nagle | Sports Manager