ACC Sports Blog 18/2/2022

Senior Volleyball- Our volleyball A’s squad had it’s first game at home for the season. They had an impressive victory over St. Joseph’s FTG, 2 sets to 1 victory. Amongst the best players were Jake Johnston, Toby Fenton and Maiki Giannakopoulos. Same with B’s squad, they had a really good win over St. Joseph’s FTG. Amongst the best players were Enrique Soria, Harry Chetwin and Daniel Valle. Good to get back to back victories especially for our first game at the College Hall.

Senior Tennis- Our tennis squad had it’s best win for the season, defeating St. Joseph’s College 12 sets to 0. Similar names in the best again, good to see a lot of consistency with our senior ACC tennis squad. Amongst the best players were Jayden De Kauwe, Ben Harris and Avellino Jones. Another impressive victory for our tennis squad. Hoping to be deep in finals this year and even win the final.

Senior Cricket- Our cricket team has yet had another impressive victory. They defeated St. Joseph’s FTG, first game at our college and the boys played extremely well. St. Joseph’s FTG won the toss and elected to bat. They were all out for 92 after 20 overs. All bowlers contributed, Gus Roach and Connor Montgomery in particular bowled well with both having 2 wickets each, continuing there solid seasons with the ball. We chased them down in 19 overs with Ethan Paul (28 Runs) and Sam Ison (30 Runs) being our best with the bat. Good first win at the college oval. Hopefully more to come.

Mr Geordie Nagle | Sports Manager