Year 10 Reflection Day

The “You Can’t Ask That” documentary explores responses and reactions to questions, statements and even some hateful words by people who were or currently are homeless. I felt a sense of empathy and sadness towards the responses given by these people due to the significant struggles that they have faced throughout their lives. I had also learnt about how the perception of homeless people being ‘unproductive’ was false, and that all of the people had described their lives to be very busy as they were constantly in need for essential resources which they strived for (showers, houses, cars, food, water, etc.). Learning these topics about homeless people, the causes of homelessness and the impacts on mental health that homeless people experience, it allowed me to become more aware of the issue and this documentary was an eye-opener. Overall, I had learnt quite a bit about the lives of homeless people and what situations they commonly find themselves in and how they overcome these hardships.

Kosta Balakas, 10F