History Reflection

History in Year 10 mostly revolves around learning the deep history of World War 2, on both a global scale but also the issues and battles that Australia faced. Along with that, we learnt about Civil Rights and how the movements differed in both the US and Australia. Finally, we learnt about migration and the ridiculous laws that they had in the past. The technical part of history that we learnt included writing descriptive and detailed 10-mark questions. The point of these were to use prior knowledge as well as historical images to analyse and discuss different topics relating to historical events. We also wrote in depth historical essays into the ideas of Australia’s involvement in World War 2. Along with just learning history and different writing methods, it allowed us to understand and feel for the people who had to deal with racism during civil rights movements or the amount of pain and death that occurred in World War 2. It was a great way to truly understand the pain that all these different people went through in the past and understand that history to us, was once real life and that we shouldn’t be taking things for granted.

Gabriel Kapaklis, 10G