Legal Studies Incursion

Recently, Year 12 Legal Studies students attended an online seminar hosted by the Victorian Law Reform Commission. They educated us about their role as an institution, which was to inform and investigate the need for changes in Victoria’s laws through a series of different processes including reviewing, researching and making recommendations to the Victorian Government about potential amendments to state legislation. They also explored with us some of their recent projects and investigations which has successfully influenced pivotal reform to Victorian laws. This was directly related to our study in Outcome 2, which was assess the impact of law reform bodies on changing the law.

Additionally, a second speaker led us through techniques and tips to guide us in our revision in preparation for our end of year exam. I personally found the session insightful and helpful, and I’m sure that all my classmates felt the same too. And with that, I would like to thank our Legal Studies teacher, Mrs Marianne Marshall, for organising this for us and giving us the opportunity to enhance our knowledge with the content in a more engaging and appealing way rather than just reading words off a book.

Daniel Sirait, 12B