Augmented Reality

The focus of this week’s Year 7 Design & Technology is Augmented Reality. Due to the restriction of remote learning, students could not yet start their hands-on construction in school workshop. Therefore, we decided to improvise and do something FUN that involves the latest technology.

Since our students have had 3D modelling experience in Term 3, it didn’t take them long to modify the given car model and add some of their own impressive designs. Students rendered their car using a beginner friendly software called ARbase Augmented Reality for Onshape, and then projected their models to a real-life environment through their phone cameras.

Design Technology at Salesian College comprises much more than just hands-on construction: they are constantly exposed to the latest technologies and concepts in the design industry. Students are guided to think like designers, plan like designers and experiment like designers to solve real world scenarios and problems. Mostly importantly, it’s about having FUN while enjoying meaningful, engaging learning!

Congratulations to students whose work we see showcased below: