Learning a Practical Subject Virtually

It has been a challenge to keep my Year 11 Systems Engineering class motivated during the recent lockdown. They have missed the opportunity to build, design, innovate and test their construction projects in a school environment. Completing practical work from home would be quite difficult due to the resources and specialist tools required. Therefore, I had to develop assessments and written tasks which were interesting and would provide them with the background knowledge to continue working on projects in the future. I developed a research assessment which focused on electrical motors, batteries and solar photovoltaic cells, investigating how they work, who invented them and how they helped society.

  • Students researched the internet and obtained information about electrical motors, batteries and solar photovoltaic cells.
  • Students watched a YouTube video that gave them an introduction and explanation on how various technologies worked, how they were developed and the manufacturing process.
  • Students needed to complete a research assignment that developed their research skills and knowledge by answering questions about the technical topic.
  • The task helped the students develop a broader understanding of the topic. The assessment was challenging and ensured that students could grasp the concepts covered in a meaningful way.
  • Assignments provide students the space to experiment and try out ideas and other innovative methods to learn their subject.
  • Doing research is important and considered an engaging activity for the human brain to expand its knowledge base. When students research, their critical thinking and analytical ability improves.

Students have really taken up this challenge and were able to complete this research task successfully. This has been a great way to enhance our students analytical and cognitive abilities during lockdown.

Mr Bob Synadinos
Systems Engineering Teacher