Sacraments of Initiation Reflections from 8B

Sacraments of Initiation Reflections from 8B

Throughout the past few weeks, we have learnt about a large array of different sacraments, from marriage all the way to the Anointing of the Sick, and we have written accompanying scripts. While some were more serious than others, we all included the prominent features of our respective rituals. This is quite impressive as that means that we all learnt the basics of the 7 sacraments through the help of others. Instead of researching all 7 ourselves, we split the work between different groups which decreased the work and allowed us to learn in a more entertaining way.

Heroon, Daniel & Matthew

We learnt that sacraments are supposed to fill us with grace and relieve us from sin. We learnt that all of the sacraments provide us with different types of grace and faith depending on the sacrament itself. We also learnt how there are many prerequisites or restrictions before sacrament. Specifically, we learnt many things about the specific sacraments such as their formats and how they are performed. For example, in the Anointing of the Sick, they offer Eucharist and Reconciliation as well.

Liam Sachin and Tanvir

During term 3, we learnt about the different symbolism and rituals of the 7 sacraments and also how much importance they carry to Catholics. We explored about how each one is conducted and which prayers and rituals are used in each one, and how they strengthen our relationship with God., While discussing the sacraments, we learnt of a concept named grace, and how it is ultimately what we should strive for.

Isaac, Nethil, Harry and Thenuk

Through this topic we were able to use our previously learnt knowledge of symbolism and common traditions in the Catholic Church. Using this knowledge, we were able to learn about the sacraments and how they affect Catholic’s lives and principles they base their livelihood upon. Overall, we were able to understand all the sacraments not only through learning content but the short plays groups from our class presented on each sacrament.

Andy James & Rohan