Practicing our Italian

This Term in Italian class we have worked on learning to say family members’ names, and making sentences to describe them in Italian.

In this task we had to create a fictional family and answer questions about what their names are and what they are like in Italian. We had to produce 2-3 different sentences for each person, explaining their name, personality, age and what role they had in the family (e.g. Nonno = grandpa).

During this task we were put into breakout rooms to practice our sentences and the fluency and punctuation of them, so when the test came around, we were prepared. The breakout rooms were a fun chance to socialize with friends and new people but were also very helpful in improving our sentences and punctuation through feedback from peers and teachers.

The lessons were very helpful in improving our fluency and knowledge. The lessons were also very enjoyable because they flowed well and were a good chance to catch up with friends while learning.

Perry Churchill-King and Xavier Nicholls 
Year 7 Students