Positive Impact of Instrumental Lessons

Needless to say, the recent lockdowns have highlighted the need for a getaway in the midst of difficulties in online learning. Instrumental lessons are a tool in helping students, including myself, to continue pursuing their passion in music whilst understandably seeking an escape from other aspects of schooling life. The lessons may be relatively short but provide endless hours of practice limited only by the discretion of the student.”

Robert Kosta McCance

“During this lockdown, it has been hard for me to just relax and destress. Whilst facing this pandemic and dealing with online learning, I had turned to my piano as a solution. Taking my instrumental lessons had helped me kill boredom, allowing me to expand my musical ability. With lots of time on my hands, practicing my instrument and these new skills is just the right activity.”

Alvin Yala

“During an extremely difficult time for all of us, one of the key positives for me have been the effect that music has had. Whenever I’m feeling down about lockdown or anything else, there is nothing like music to lift you. It brings out my passion and transports me away from the difficult time in lockdown. Once I start singing and playing my guitar, I just don’t stop! Before I realise hours have passed and I’m filled with satisfaction knowing that I have used my time improving my musical ability. Instrumental lessons motivate me to spend as much time as possible trying to be the best that I can be through music.”

Adam D’Souza