Making a Mousetrap Vehicle

So, what do you do when ‘hands on’ classes can’t go ahead?

Think outside the box, or the workshop in this case.

The Year 8 Design & Technology and Year 8 Systems & Technology students have been given a task to construct a Mousetrap Vehicle.

For the most part this has been an Independent Learning Task, as students have needed to source their own materials to construct their car.

  • Students have viewed YouTube clips on different construction methods.
  • Discussed the transfer of energy from the mousetrap (potential energy) to the movement of the car (kinetic energy)
  • Looked at various design options relating to wheels, axles, body length, mass and extension arms.
  • Made choices as to what materials are available (cardboard, wood, plastic) and how to best ‘fit it all together’
  • Aim to have their vehicle travel at least a metre.

It seems that the most difficult part of the challenge has been to get a mousetrap, luckily virtually all students have been able to do so and I thank the parents for their persistence.

Once completed the boys will be taking a video of the car and embedding it into a PowerPoint.

PowerPoints are due for submission this week and I cannot wait to see the results.

Hopefully, when we return to school we could have a competition between all the cars that survive.

Mr Steven Beckham
Technology Studies Teacher