Health and PE Day

On Wednesday 1 September we celebrated Health and PE Day. We encouraged our staff and students to exercise outside and enjoy the warmer weather, or enter our online quizzes!

We had over 440 entries across the four quizzes, which made for some tough competition. Well done to all of our winners who are listed below. We will be in touch with each of you to discuss collection of your prize.


Years 7-9 – Peter Romios

Years 10-12 – Maximus Sykes

Staff – Heath Chipperfield


Years 7-9 – Jeffery Ly

Years 10-12 – Sanish Rajbhandari

Staff – Dylan Chow


Years 7-9 – Zed Hadzic

Years 10-12 – Jerine George

Staff – Heath Chipperfield


Years 7-9 – Peter Romios

Years 10-12 – Steven Tran

Staff – Paul Azar