Coping in Lockdown: Digital Technology Students Reflect

Andrew Ambawatta
Year 11

Whenever I’m feeling down or not in a great mood, I always turn to my turntables to jam out and get my energy back up. this is definitely reflective of my love for music and ambitions in the industry. this equipment is what drives my passion for music.

After school on Friday’s, and after my brother finishes work, we go outside and spend some time away from screens, working on his car. Our love for cars has been an opportunity to step away from the crazy world around us and delve into something where time slows down for the couple hours we are getting our hands dirty.

Drive to Aspire has been a great motivator for me to help people out where ever I can. I’m inspired by the drive of the DTA team for a better future.

Gabriel Schiavello
Year 11

This is a photo of my FIFA 21 team. A video game, yes. The reason why this is important to me is because it is what I use to get away from work, and just be with myself, and what I enjoy doing. This experience is also shared with a few of my mates, and there would usually see most of us online together. It is just something that helps bring fun into my life.

This is a picture of my wall. The posters I have put up represent the time we currently live in. Originally, I put them up for a laugh, but now it almost just reminds me of the unfortunate situation we are in. This just fuels me to understand how lucky I am right now even if life seems rough.

The third photo is the most important photo. This photo is of me whilst on the Cape York trip throwing a spear in a spear throwing competition. The reason this photo means a lot, is not just because I won, although that does help a lot, but it is because of the memories and the experiences that I had gained whilst on the trip. It meant so much to me, being able to experience life within an Aboriginal community, and being a part of that community and culture. It will forever be an inspiring experience that I will never forget.

The fourth photo is a photo of the 2013 Red Bull Formula 1 team car model. This inspires me as it is what I wish to achieve in the future, being a part of Formula 1 as an engineer. That is the ultimate goal for the future and what I aspire to do.

This is my favourite deck of playing cards. The reason for this is because over lockdown I have come back to an old hobby. Magic. I had been enjoying this hobby since I was 6 years old, even attended some of the greatest magicians shows. However, overtime, it slowly fell away, however since I rarely have something to do, I have been getting back into it, and I had forgotten how fun it was watching people be amazed at your tricks.