What We Love about Music and Drama

“Music class is full of expression and freedom. It allows students to interact and connect with music on a deeper level. As a Year 10 student, it has allowed me to truly understand all aspects of music. We have learnt everything from understanding the fundamentals of reading music to the different elements of music, like Tone, Colour, Texture, Dynamics, and Pitch. Analysing music has allowed us to grow our understanding of how it conveys emotions whilst also building upon our general terminology. I have also been able to understand the foundations of music theory, like scales, keys, intervals, and chords. While the theory is a big part, Music also brings all those skills together culminating in performances allowing that expression to come to life. While on the flip side, Drama offers the chance to explore theatrical works and build skills in design and creativity. A core part of Drama is analysing existing plays, understanding how they relate to the social context in which they were created and what cultural symbols are presented. Theatre is much more than just acting, it also encompasses production roles like set, costume, light, and sound. We learnt how production roles influence the meaning of a play by creating dramatic tension and atmosphere. Along the way we also worked on acting skills, such as movement, voice, and characterisation. It all culminated in a final performance where we experienced and undertook all the roles in of creating theatre.”

Gabriel Kapaklis and Peter Liptai
Year 10 Students