Wear it Purple Day

This Friday 27 August, Salesian is participating in Wear It Purple Day. This is a new student initiative inspired by Student Congress’s motivation to challenge discriminatory language and establish a legacy for our future Salesian men. This initiative was launched last week with our ‘Share the Dignity’ video acknowledging the importance of challenging discriminatory behaviour and language towards women – and what a great job they did!

The topic of discrimination, intrinsically linked to our College Values of RESPECT and BELONGING are key to this conversation. St John Bosco also led the way by welcoming all people into his schools. His educational philosophy focused on giving everyone a ‘fair go’ and making school a place where people felt welcome and able to express themselves authentically. So too do our Gospel Values, which encourage that we give everyone a fair go irrespective of race, gender or sexuality. Pope Francis himself reminds us that God loves ‘each one of his children, each and everyone’ and he urges us to be ‘compassionate and merciful to the marginalised’.

Wearing Purple:  

We are encouraging all staff and students to wear something purple on Friday 27 August.
Don’t have anything to wear? That’s okay – Use a purple background on MS Teams.

Oratory Class:

A section of Friday’s Period 1 Oratory class will involve a brief introduction to Wear It Purple Day.

Student Competition:

Students will be invited to participate in a creative competition, based on the theme ‘Wear It Purple: Against Homophobia”
The winning creation will be announced Monday 30 August.