Shared Stories Anthology

Shared Stories Anthology

In Semester One, students across Years 7-12 were given an opportunity to participate in the Catholic School’s ‘Shared Stories Anthology’. The theme for 2021 is ‘Chasing Happiness’ and students can submit both written or artistic pieces in response to it. Towards the end of the year, when all submissions are finalised, they will become published authors in the official Shared Stories Anthology for 2021, along with students from many other Catholic schools in Victoria. Below is a sample of a written submission that will be published, from one of our Year 12 students, Robert Costa McCance. Students can access all past editions in Salesian’s Rua Resource Centre.

Alexandra Tsiavis
Head of English


A wise man
Rests on his crimson-shaded stool
Treated with specks of fond memories in the air
Oh, what a serene pleasure it is!
To no longer require new words for an old affair

Robert Kosta McCance
Year 12