Producing Songs in Hook Theory

“This semester I recently joined music class where I have begun to learn how to produce my own song through an online program called Hook Theory. During this period, I have increased my understanding on how to produce a song in the correct format for it to all flow. I have learnt a broad range of notes and chords which I have been able to put into my own song. The process of making the song has been a big learning curve which saw me drastically improving lesson after lesson. I have really enjoyed this project so far and am eager to learn more about song producing so I can further add to my song and make necessary changes that are needed to make it the best possible work I can produce. I am now looking forward to using another online program in Sound Trap to further increase my music knowledge.”

Francis Antonopoulos
Year 10

“During this semester I decided to join Music. At first, I was a bit unsure on what I wanted to do, however Ms. Challis brought me in and made it extremely fun and simple. We have begun learning to make our own music using an online program called Hook Theory. Ms. Challis has been able to help us and teach us how to create our music, it has helped me to understand how to produce a song smoothly & gain better knowledge on how to make my song better. I have also gained an understanding of notes & chords, thus helping me create a catchy song. Understanding the notes & listening to different genres when creating my song has improved my appreciation for the art of music. I have enjoyed this project and I am excited to introduce a new program called Sound Trap which will further enhance my creativeness with making music.”

Dylan Mack
Year 10