Investigating Reaction Rate

“The Year 10 Science Students recently took their knowledge of the rate of reaction into play, with the issue of COVID-19 supermarket ‘panic-buying’. This problem was solved through the idea of SurvivalSupplementTM, a survival pill that provided an alternate source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In this scenario, students had to explore methods to increase the rate of dissolution, which causes optimum nutritional gain. The investigation was tested by the means of simulating pills into the different theories which may lead to an increase of rate of reaction, thus proving our previous learning of the Collision Theory. Each of the students had contrasting hypothesises, that led to unique experiments to assist our understanding and ultimately solve the problem presented.

Finally, the students via online meetings presented their results with their peers via scientific posters that conclusively illustrated their insights on the various methods of the reaction rate.”

Gavriel Hariyanto
Year 10