Don Bosco Oratory Week Update

Don Bosco Oratory Week will (hopefully) take place in Week 7 this term. All students have been informed and have been instructed on the following:

  • International Food Orders – All boys will have received an order form. If they wish to order lunches for Week 7, all they need do is fill in the form and hand it in to the Canteen by no later than Friday 6 August. They can pay at the Canteen as well (cash or card). Perhaps it would be good idea for them to note what they order, as they may forget by the time Week 7 comes around!
  • Friday 6 August is Casual Clothes Day. $2 donations will be collected by Oratory teachers.
  • The Walkathon will be done ‘virtually’ as it was last year. Students are encouraged to use the Strava app they set up in class on their phones, and walk or run afterschool and on weekends.

Donations for the walkathon will be online this year. Students can register and share the link with family and friends. The below documents may be of assistance:

Walkathon Donations
Share your Donations Page
Walkathon Instructions