Vice Captain’s Message of Encouragement

“So, another week of lockdown boys. Not what we wanted, but we have gone through this troubling time before. That means we can do it again.

The main thing we all need to ensure we are doing, is staying organised. This time is important for all of us, especially our Year 12 and Year 11 students doing their 3/4 subjects. So, this is the time for all of us to work hard and work smart.

In order to stay on top of our work, a schedule is a vital tool to do so. At the start of every day, check your timetable for what classes you have for the day and organise what books are needed for each of the classes. Use a diary or sticky notes, or whichever way you see fit to write down all the homework you have been set to ensure that you don’t forget any. Keep a nice clean desk for yourself to work at to keep your mind free from distractions. These small things will significantly benefit your work ethic whilst we are at home.

Motivation can be a difficult thing for us to achieve. When we are at school we are in that learning type of environment, so we build that drive to learn each day. However, at home, things are more relaxed and we tend to slack off at times, but we must transform our mindset into one that is ready for learning. If you can’t bring yourself to do all the work, just start off with one section. If that is too difficult, start off with a small section and from there build up that inspiration to do more work, and it will push you to keep moving forward.

I hope you boys are all going well in this strange time, and always remember, there are always people that will support you and guide you to where you need to be if you are having some trouble. So, talk to your teacher/s, your parents, student wellbeing, whoever it may be if you are struggling.

Keep up the strong efforts. boys. We will make it through this because a Salesian boy has the integrity to make it through this unprecedented time and withstand anything the world throws at him.”

Keelan Corcoran
College Vice Captain