ACC Sport News

Congratulations to Year 9 student Nathan Kao who obtained a Bronze medal for Judo in the Cadet Men age group at the recent JVI Autumn Competition which was held on Sunday.

Intermediate (27/04)

Year 10 Football – After a bye to start the season, we started our campaign with a commanding 124-point victory over St Bernard’s. Our best players were Jack Iverson, Lachlan McFarlane and Hayden Loft.

Year 9 Football – The boys continued their strong start to the season with a strong victory against Whitefriars. Our best players were Luca Mandile, Nick Goodman and Isaac Deayton.

Year 10 Soccer – Unfortunately we couldn’t maintain our winning start to the term, going down 7-0 to a very talented Parade side. Kosta Balakas, Paul Boloutis and Christian Dell’Arciprete all played well.

Year 9 Soccer A – It has been a whirlwind season so far for our Year 9 Soccer A team, as they had a dominant 14-0 victory against Whitefriars. Luke Lazos, Luke Parente and Derick Maimarosia were our best players.

Year 9 Soccer B – We didn’t get the start that we wanted last week against Parade, going down 4-1. Our best players were Xavier Caiafa, Jordi Dermitzakis and Dylan Rayen.

Senior (28/04)

Senior Football – After a tough start to the season, the boys came out firing against De La Salle with a comfortable 40 point victory. Tom Filipovic was spectacular in the middle, with Tom Cashman and Riley Brkic providing great support over 4 quarters.

Senior Soccer – In what was an extremely close game, our boys went down against St Bernard’s 4-3. Some of our better players were Jackson O’Meara, James Ballantyne and Daniel Amendola

Senior Soccer B – Our boys are still yet to get a win on the board, but improved from a loss to a 0-0 draw. Gabe Schiavello, Varounen Vengadachellum and Flynn Horvat were our best players.

Junior (29/04)

Year 8 Football – Unfortunately it looks like it might be a tough season ahead for our boys, going down to St Bede’s by over 100 points yet again. Cooper Fry was great again in the ruck, and Oscar Jacobs and Sasha Ung also played well.

Year 7 Football – It was a tough game for our boys against St Bede’s, as we went down by 87 points. Harly Billing, Jackson Cerovac and Daniel Cochrane were our best players.

Year 8 Soccer A – We knew that playing St Bernard’s at their home ground was always going to be a tough battle, and unfortunately our boys lost 3-0. Julian Severino, Damon Guerrieri and Nick Grillo played well.

Year 7 Soccer A – The boys had their first win for the school, with a strong 7-0 victory against St Bede’s. Christian Noga, James Rashio and Theo Wong were our best players.

Jayden Hawkes
Sports Manager