Year 7 PBL and Social Evening

On Wednesday 24 February and Wednesday 3 March, Year 7 students along with their Oratory teachers, Literacy & Life teachers and World Around Us teachers partook in the inaugural PBL and Social evening. The evening centralised around the boys presenting to their families, providing an opportunity for families to socialise with one another and for families to meet their son’s Oratory teacher.

The Year 7 students in their World Around Us class have been planning engaging presentations for their families, answering the driving question: ‘How can we explain Project Based Learning to adults?’ Project Based Learning is a new and innovative, inquiry driven way of teaching that engages students to find the solution to a relevant real-world problem (driving questions). These projects utilise skills such as collaboration, communication and creativity, and is a critical pillar of the College’s Learning Matrix, aiming to promote positive student learning in an authentic manner.

Over the two evenings, I could see the enthusiasm and collaboration amongst the boys whilst watching their presentations and the engagement and sense of pride from the families watching. I congratulate the boys on their successful running of both evenings, and thank the staff, both teaching and non-teaching, for their involvement.

A special mention to the Parents’ Association for their presence on the night, and for organising the gift bags that were presented to our Year 7 students. Your support is always appreciated.

Ms Emma Bradley
Project Based Learning (PBL) & Problem Based Learning (PrBl) Mentor