The EP Languages Perfect Championship

The EP Languages Perfect Championship concluded last Friday night.

Unfortunately, Caroline Chisholm Secondary College was victorious overall, but nevertheless, our language gladiators fought hard and achieved 1st place in both Chinese and Italian.

Not a bad effort considering our smaller number of language students, and the one day less we had to compete, due to the Swimming Carnival. We are particularly proud of the amazing effort of some of our Junior students:

Congratulations to Dhruva Hunashikatti from 7D who achieved a Gold Award with an amazing 2,233 points. Our other Gold Winners are Christian Fitzgerald (8D) and Anthony Pascoe (9D).

Tristan Nyu also did extremely well, achieving a Silver Award, as did Jeffery Ly (8D).

Krish Ahuja (7C) and Jeff Hsu (10F) all completed the competition with Bronze Awards.

Our Language students became very competitive indeed, wanting to outdo their peers from different language classes. This is how it turned out:

Well done to Mr Zhang’s Year 10 Chinese class and Signora Bonne’s 7A Italian class.

Thank you to all students who participated with such enthusiasm and competitive spirit, and to our Language teachers for their support. Until next year!

Mrs Rita Bonne
Head of Languages