Food Technology Blog

We are well into Term 1 now, and the boys are really cooking up a storm in the kitchens. There have been practical SACS and assessments carried out by the Year 10s, 11s and 12s, with some very impressive results.

Year 12 boys Nathan and Jordon were very proud of their poached pears in spiced brown sugar syrup. Restaurant quality plating up, boys!

The Year 12s also cooked Lamb Kofta. I think I was very lucky to get this photo of Francis and his delicious plate of Lamb Kofta and salad before it disappeared.

The Year 8s have been busy too. They made choc chip oat cookies and pizza scrolls. If you are home over the long weekend, why not give these Pizza Scrolls a try! You can fill them with any of your favourite pizza toppings! View the recipe here. 

Mrs Lois Curry
Food Technology Assistant