Year 7 Literacy and Life

Year 7 Literacy and Life – Historical Detectives Inquiry Task

This week students of Year 7 Literacy and Life were presented with a range of artefacts. They worked in collaborative groups to determine the identity of the owner. Teamwork, inquiry, questioning, sequencing and analytical skills were put to the test. Our boys used evidence to determine who the individual was and developed written pieces based on evidence.

“This week in Literacy and Life we have been becoming mini historians. 7B also had their first benchmark, we were given a garbage bag with 5 items in it. We had to make a hypothesis about the person who put these items in the bag. It was really enjoyable and fun working as a team trying to crack the code. This was definitely the highlight of the week for me and I’m sure for all the Year 7s as well.”  – Jack Ellis 7B

“This week we were really lucky to try out the literacy and life historical detectives’ task. We unleashed our inner Sherlock Holmes and got mysterious items that belonged to one person. Our group vigorously frisked everything to find some valuable clues to what the person was like.” – Kishore Vaidya 7B

“This week, the Year 7’s did a pleasurable activity, were we tapped into our inner detective. We received a garbage bag with an assortment of household items. We had to analyse the items and create a hypothesis with the evidence we had on what kind of person the items belonged to. We had to write a 200-word report on our findings. Overall, this activity was very educational and enjoyable. I would jump at an opportunity to do something like this again.” – Sri Karthikeyan 7B