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Food Technology Blog: Week 3, Term 1

The Food Tech kitchens were a hive of activity this week, as all the 2021 Food Studies students were introduced to the kitchens and carried out their first cooks for the year.

The Year 11s did a great job of cooking Quinoa crusted chicken tenderloins, and apparently they must have tasted great too as they were all eaten before I had time to get a photo!

Ms Deb Rabot had the attention of all the hungry Year 8 boys as she demonstrates the day’s class prac; making pikelets with yoghurt and fruit.

The Year 10s made quiches and the Year 12s cooked vegetable frittatas. (Pictured: Year 10 students William Lai and Kaiden Serrano and their quiche)

The VCAL boys also enjoyed the kitchen during the week, baking pizza scrolls and bacon and cheese rolls. We have some talented bakers in that class!

Mrs Lois Curry
Food Technology Assistant