Happy LOTE Week! 

This week we celebrated the vibrant cultures of both Italy and China with a range of activities. Below, two of our students reflect on their experiences of LOTE Week.

“LOTE week was an anticipated event in the Salesian calendar. However, in light of recent events involving Covid-19, we were unable to celebrate this auspicious event at school in the proper Salesian spirit. Despite this, staff were able to organise events for both students and staff, whilst in this time of isolation, in order to maintain the spirit of the week. These activities include: recording a Kung Fu Kick or soccer kick, cooking a Salesian inspired pasta dish, a cultural quiz, and a fan/bonboniere making competition. Throughout the school, many people participated in these activities, taking impressive photos and videos of their creations or skills, with the best of them earning prizes for their efforts. Overall, LOTE week during remote learning was still celebrated with the same spirit as it would have been if it were to be celebrated at school, bringing an enjoyable and spirit-filled conclusion to the end of the term, as well as joy and a sense of community and belonging throughout the school.”

– Alex Marinis 8B

“This year LOTE week has been a lot of fun. Although I have never experienced it before, I can imagine how good of a week this would have been if we were actually at school, because it was awesome even though we weren’t at school. First, we got to watch a movie. To my surprise I actually understood some of it and it was a really good movie. We then got to make a Chinese fan to enter into a competition against the other Year 7s in an attempt to win a $20 gift voucher. For our last Chinese lesson of the term we did a Kahoot against the rest of the class about China, and the best part was I came second. Overall, I can’t wait until next year as I’m sure it can only get better. The LOTE team did a great job this year in the given circumstances.”

– Christian Fitzgerald

Competition Winners:


‘Pasta al Bosco’ Competition
Ms Angela Liyanage & Ms Suzie McErvale

‘Cultural Quiz’
Ms Adele Bellizia


Year 7 ‘Bonboniere’ Competition
Ryley Scott

Year 7 ‘Chinese Fan’ Competition
Peter Yip

‘Cultural Quiz’
Domenic Colantuono (Year 10)

Raveen Wijjarupage (Year 7)

Kyle Flechsig (Year 9)

Year 8 KUNG FU KICK Competition

Shivaram Ramesh (Year 8)

Virtual Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) Screening 

Our Virtual MIFF Screening showcased two cultural movies; Nevia and White Snake.

NEVIA (2019) 86 minutes


Directed by Nunzia De Stefano

Language: Italian, with English subtitles

A young girl raised in the container parks of Naples yearns for freedom in this social-realist coming-of-ager that won the Venice Film Festival’s Lizzani Award.

WHITE SNAKE (2019) 99 minutes


Directed by Ji Zhao and Amp Wong

Language: Mandarin, with English subtitles

This spectacular animated adaptation of a Chinese folk legend follows a snake hunter who falls for a beautiful woman who also just happened to be a giant snake demon.

Thank you all, for participating in our very first virtual LOTE Week!

Mrs Rita Bonne
Head of Languages