Literacy and Life: Creating Your Own Board Game

Literacy and Life: Creating Your Own Board Game

In the last few weeks, 7B Literacy and Life students have been designing their own board games, inspired by Ancient Egyptian history and Jackie French’s novel ‘Pharaoh.’ Students have developed their own original concepts, designed game boards and pieces and written detailed instructions on how the game should be played. Working in small groups, students were able to brainstorm ideas and give each other feedback and suggestions on their games. The level of thought and care that students put into these games was truly remarkable; there may very well be some future game designers in our midst!

Ms Sam Carey
Public Speaking Coordinator, English, Humanties and Religion Teacher, 8E Oratory Leader

Student Reflections

“I found the process of making a game enjoyable and hard at the same time. The idea of making your own board game and pieces is fun. Making the rules and instructions is the hard part because you have to make sure there are no loop holes and there is no way someone could get stuck if they know all the rules. Some skills I have developed are  being able to think about multiple aspects at once and I have developed more creativity because I was able to generate my own ideas.” -Finn Power

“Making a board game was interesting as there was a lot of things to think about and come up with ideas for. Getting an idea was simple but then having to build off it and think of things you could add and then incorporate took a lot of time and energy. There is a lot of work put into all the components of a board game, from the cards and money to the rules and mechanics. I found it the hardest fixing the rules so they worked with the different “merchant cards” and how to make sure upgrades have a worthwhile effect. This was a fun project, but not an easy one.”Thenuk Devendra

“I’ve found the process of creating a board game quite memorable. It was fun to cut up pieces of cardboard, draw little images, create different things and other tasks like that. It was a unique experience and was enjoyable even though I was a bit stressful. I believed the board game task worked really well because it got people discussing ideas and giving feedback to each other which I think is very important because we can’t speak to each other in real life. The board game task was also very good because it got us away from our laptops and it actually had us do task that involved cutting, drawing, etc”Liam Noveloso