Don Bosco’s Oratory Week: Competition Winners

Being part of the Salesian family at Chadstone means that we stand together, whatever the challenges that we face; and we are certainly being challenged now. However, we are doing it very much the Salesian way and living our values of Integrity, Respect, Belonging, Joy and Dynamism. It is the living of these values that allowed us to experience Don Bosco’s Oratory Week with a difference this year, still filled with the joy of Salesian Spirituality.

As members of the Salesian Family we support our brothers and sisters wherever they are and whatever their need is. At Chadstone, we do this by providing a focus in our Term 2 program, in particular, during Don Bosco’s Oratory Week. It is such an important celebration that aims to celebrate:

  • Being part of the Salesian Family,
  • Being a faith filled community,
  • Who we are as a multi-cultural and diverse community,
  • The social justice work we dedicate ourselves to

And of course, to have lots of fun together!

Due to the impact of the COVID Pandemic this did not take place in Term 2. Plans were made for Term 3 but unfortunately this was not able to take place either. At Salesian College, we pride ourselves on the sense of community and belonging we share, and we really wanted to do something to celebrate. This year in particular, it is important to feel and stay connected.

Each member of our community received a parcel in the mail with all they needed to participate in Don Bosco’s Oratory Week 2020. It was a week-long event that took place each and every morning. The activities tried to focus on ‘non-screen’ time and all students were encouraged to take photos and send them in to

Activities included:

  • Walkathon activity using the Strava App
  • Year level Banner activity reflecting on our contribution to the Salesian Family
  • Writing letters to young people in Salesian schools in Cambodia
  • Salesian Word Searches
  • Colouring and Drawing opportunities
  • Creating Salesian themed Memes
  • MasterChef cooking activities including pancake making and noodle dishes
  • A Kahoot based on Salesian and sport trivia
  • A Lego masters Competition
  • Creating structures with paddle pop sticks
  • Tetris competitions
  • Best Trickshots in ISO

The week began with an opening ceremony where Father Chamber’s reminded us of the meaning of Oratory and declared the Don Bosco’s Oratory Week open. Activities followed from there. Oratory teachers were an integral part of the week, inspiring boys to get involved. Our senior leaders too encouraging the student body to get behind the week of fun.

Our aim for the Walkathon was to try to collectively walk to Cambodia and back. Together we successfully walked over 9000km which certainly got us to Cambodia and a third of the way back! We also raised nearly $3,000, and I would like to thank everyone for their donations. I am certain they will be well received.

Congratulations to the following boys who were the leaders in their respective year levels:

Year 7              Tate Mole (7A)                                    139.4km

Year 8              Abhav Chenanda Karumbaiah (8G)    64km

Year 9              Ben Bawden (9A)                                88km

Year 10            Andrew Avramopoulos (10D)             88.7km

Year 11            Jordan Ratumu (11D)                          70.4km

Year 12            Kevin Joshua (12A)                              59.5km

Our staff leader board was as follows:

Nes Barakat – 95km

Trudy Skarajew – 87.8km

Ria Khambete – 54.7km

Peter Knight – 54.5km

Scott Peacock – 51.5km

Atul Khambete 45.7km

Josh Bryan – 44.5km

Stephanie Lai – 40.3km

Craig Abernethy – 37.6km

Georgina Dow – 36.1km

We had lots of staff and students send in their photos and the following entries were our winning entries. Not everyone could win, but the entries were amazing and boys should be really proud of their efforts. There is certainly much talent which exists in lots of different areas.

Honourable mentions to the following boys for their Banner contributions:

Spencer Guzzo            7A

Kolby Battye                7F

Smauel Gould             8C

Oscar Biviano              8C

James Peluso               10B

Josh Skarajew             11B

Gratitude to the following boys who reached out to young people in Cambodia through the Pen Pal activity:

John Truong                10F

Kosta Balakas             9B

Lance Kieu Year           10F

Dean Gentile              7C

Themi Gounaris           7C

Julian Geros                 7C

Ruben D’Agostino       8B

Ryan Thmoas             8G

Tiernan Coyles            7H

Congratulations to the following Salesian Word Search winners:

Junior Winner: Jordi Dermitzakis        8F

Senior Winner: Pramishka De Alwis   10B

Congratulations to the following Tetris Winners:

Junior Winner: Julian Demarco          7H

Senior Winner: Aidan Tran                 10G

Honourable mention:                         Mrs Bellizia

Congratulations to our Paddle Pop Stick Creators:

Junior Winner: Aidan Rhys Fernandes 7B

Senior Winner: Daniel Muscat            12B

Congratulations to our Salesian DBOW themed Meme Competition:

Wissam Maleb                                    7A

Derick Maimarosia                             8A

Aidan D’Souza                                     9C

James Topliff                                       9E

Congratulations to the following boys for their drawing entries:

Junior Winner: Andrew Doan                          9D

Senior Winner: Mark Skopakow                     11B

Honourable mention:  Pramishka De Alwis    10B

Salesian and Sport Kahoot Winners ordered according to time and correct responses:


Anton Occhiuto          7F

Alex Sabljak                 7B

Harrison Window        7H

Jordi Dermitzakis        8F


Sam Cherry                 10D

Jackson Luzares          10E

Liam Knight                 10G

Congratulations to our mindful colouring entries:

Dean Bombonati 7F

Abel Joseph  7G

Mrs Garofalo

Congratulations to our Talent and trick shot winners

Kristian Aparo 10C

Francis Maimarosia 11E

Scott Fisher 12A

Jacob Curry 12C

Andrew Byan 7G

Patrick Quach 7B

Congratulations to our Lego Winners:

Made with Lego provided….

Ben Vu 8E

Keelan Corcoran 11C

Ms Ellul

Ms Thean

Made with additional Lego…

Aidan Rhys Fernandes

Congratulations to our pancake makers:

Iskra Zlatanovski 8E

Pramishka De Alwis 10B

Congratulations to our staff brownie makers:

Mrs Skarajew

Mrs Triaylos

Congratulations to our Mystery Noodle Box Challenge winners:

Andre Ghaly 8G

Alvin Yala 10G

Mr Zhang

Mr Azar

And finally for our staff gardening challenge:

Mrs Arnold

Ms Tsiavis

Oratory Quiz

As part of our DBOW 2020 activities, Oratories competed to win the traditional Oratory quiz. The quiz questions covered topics including Don Bosco’s story, ‘UnGoogleable’ trivia and brain teasers. This year the winning Oratory was 12A with Mr Beurs. Each student from 12A will be receiving a $10 Uber Eats Voucher. Congratulations!

For bonus points, our Quiz asked each Oratory to submit an image which captures DBOW 2020. Below are some of the creative submissions we received.


Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who contributed to making this DBOW such a success.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Mission and Staff Formation