Don Bosco’s Oratory Week

This week, the College celebrated Don Bosco’s Oratory Week!

Due to COVID-19, our Don Bosco’s Oratory Week celebrations went virtual this year.

The week began with students and staff receiving their Don Bosco’s Oratory Week activity packs in the mail.

Day One: Monday 7 September

We kicked off Don Bosco’s Oratory Week with our Virtual Opening Ceremony video.


In Oratory, we completed word searches, wrote letters to our pen pals in Cambodia, created banners and set up our Strava apps, ready to participate in our ‘Walk to Cambodia and Back’ walkathon!

– Andrew Doan

– Sean-Patrick Go

– Sven Vaz 

Day Two: Tuesday 8 September

On Tuesday, we continued walking towards our ‘Cambodia and Back’ walkathon target! Thank you to all who donated to support the education of Salesian students in Cambodia.

In Oratory, we discussed the importance of RUOK Day, and how to facilitate conversations with our friends and family.

We were super impressed with our students’ artistic entries to our Drawing Challenge!

– Mark Skopakow 

We also participated in a Trick Shot Challenge! Shout out to our College Vice Captain Jacob Curry, on submitting this awesome trick shot below.


Day Three: Wednesday 9 September 

In Oratory today, we participated in a Tetris Challenge! A few of us even achieved high scores.

– Brendan Kang

Our Noodle Challenge recruited the many student Masterchefs we have here at Salesian!

– Alvin Yang 

– Christopher Tsakoumakis

– Stionl Rodrigues

Day Four: Thursday 10 September

We began the day with our 2020 Legacy Video, a Don Bosco’s Oratory Week tradition that celebrates College tradition and belonging within our community.

As there was a delay in some students receiving their activity packs, due to Australia Post delivery delays, we extended the closing date on all activities to next Wednesday 16 September.

Today we announced that as a school, we have walked about half way to Cambodia, walking a distance of 3284km! We’re aiming to walk the full distance to Cambodia by next Wednesday. We have also raised over $1000! Thank you to all who have donated to support the education of Salesian students in Cambodia,

Leading Oratories (as @ 9:30am today) at each year level are as follows:

Year 7 – 7D (143km)

Year 8 – 8C (192km)

Year 9 – 9H (128km)

Year 10 – 10D (119km)

Year 11 – 11D (101km)

Year 12 – 12C (64km)

– Scott Fisher 

Day Five: Friday 11 September

Today we celebrate the end of Don Bosco’s Oratory Week, with our Closing Ceremony and Omnia Awards Celebration!