Term 3 Reading Challenge

In this second week of our Term 3 Reading Program “Curious Creatures , Wild Minds”, Ms Ria Khambete tells us about Aslan – the magnificent , powerful and just King of Beasts in the series ‘The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis’. Read Ms Khambete’s character profile on Aslan here and follow this link to read eBooks in this series.

Tell us about your favourite creatures or animals characters! Send us an email on

How to Participate in our Term Three Reading Challenge: 

  1. Start reading a book you have at home, or follow the links below to borrow an eBook or eAudioBook. Finding it difficult to think of a book related to this theme? We’ve created a list of eBooks to help you out – click here. 

If you are attending your classes onsite at the College, we have created a Recommended List of Print Books. These books can be borrowed from The Rua Resource Centre.

How do I join this Challenge?

  1. Fill in our Challenge 1 – Reading Form to join this challenge.
  2. Commit to reading every day.
  3. Set a goal. Read at least 5 books this term.
  4. Keep a log of the books you have read. Ask your parent/guardian to sign each entry in your log.
  5. For every five books you read, you will earn two merits. You can earn up to 12 merits in total by reading 30 books.
  6. Scan your log and completed forms and email through to by Friday 11 September 2020.

Other Useful Links:

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