Congratulations, Fr Cantamessa!

Congratulations to Fr Cantamessa, who recently celebrated 65 years of profession as a Salesian!

The below reflection is an excerpt from our 2018 Yearbook, on Fr Oreste Cantamessa’s retirement from teaching. Former Salesian teacher Mr Tom Dexter acknowledges Fr Cantamessa’s impact at Salesian College Chadstone.

“Father Cantamessa, along with Brother Joe, is the heart and soul of Salesian College Chadstone. Don Bosco’s spirit is represented in the small things Fr Cantamessa does around the College, such as casually participating in a game of down ball with the students during recess or lunch time in the lower yard or courtyard, and in the friendly greeting he offers to all students, particularly the ones who need a friendly greeting the most. You can see this representation in the larger things too, such as the rapport he builds with each and every one of his Physics students, and the years of work and careful consideration he put into the preparation of every lesson (over five decades), so that students could appreciate the wonder of physics. Fr Cantamessa endlessly works on organising and packing shipping containers filled with supplies to be regularly sent to Salesian Missions all over the world. The students he has taught over the years have enormous respect for him, and realise how much effort he puts into their learning and personal growth as individuals. His words of wisdom and his thoroughly pragmatic approach to life leave us all in awe. Fr Cantamessa, you have taught us many valuable lessons over the years.”