2020 Strava House Cup: How to Join

Announcing our 2020 Strava House Cup!

This year, we are encouraging all our students and staff to join their House in running, walking and/or cycling towards the 2020 Strava House Cup!

To compete in our 2020 Strava House Cup, all participating students and staff need to download the Strava App. Strava is an app/website which records daily exercise completed by people all over the world. Strava allows groups of people to share their exercise and support each other at the same time.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, join your House via the links below: 





Students will be awarded the same amount of merits/House points towards The Strava Cup Ladder for going on a walk, a bike ride or a run. We encourage all our students to exercise each day.


Merits/House points will be accrued for each student that gets outside and exercises throughout the week. Each activity can be recorded using the Strava app (which you can download to your phones) or a smart watch (which can be linked to the app). The ladder system will be ongoing for the duration of Term 3, with the House that records the highest number of participants and participant activities declared the winner. There will be additional prizes including:

  1. Overall Champion – This will be in each activity group (run, walk, bike) to ensure it is fair for all
  2. Year Level Champion for the most amount of exercise completed (distance covered)

Creating an Account:

To create an account on Strava, use the following steps:

  1. Visit the following link and select “sign up”
  2. Enter your own name (nick names/other names will not be accepted into each house club by the Head of House)
  3. Enter your school email address and password of choice
  4. You have an account!


Refer to images below (click to enlarge). 

To protect your privacy, please check your where you appear:

  1. In the app, click on your profile in the menu across the bottom of your screen.
  2. Select the “settings” turning wheel in the top left corner.
  3. Scroll down to the “privacy controls” tab
  4. Under the “where you appear” tab, change the “who can see” dropdown boxes for “profiles” to “followers
  5. Change the “flyby” dropdown box to “No one

To protect your home and school address, please ensure you set up a privacy zone:

  1. Navigate to the “privacy controls” tab
  2. Scroll down to the “additional controls – privacy zones” section and enter your home address and select “1000m radius”
  3. Click on the “Create privacy zone” button and it will hide your address from the activities you do!

We recommend you do not accept followers on Strava as this will allow them to see your activities, challenge progress and created routes.

To upload your exercise:

Using the app

  • Open the app and look at the bottom taskbar for the option “record”
  • Choose your sport by scrolling through the options at the bottom of the task bar
  • Click the start button!
  • Once you have finished, press the stop button and then hit finish

To save and upload the activity – hit “Save Activity”

Using the website

  • Login to your Strava account
  • Click on the plus symbol in the top right hand corner of your browser
  • Using the app/website:
  • Click on the dropdown logo “Add a Manual Entry”
  • Fill out your exercise
  • With a smartwatch:
  • Click the dropdown “upload an activity”
  • Click the logo of your chosen smart watch
  • Click “connect” and it will automatically upload your exercise to Strava

Deleting your account

After the competition has finished or you have finished using the app, we suggest deleting your account. By following this process, your account and data will be permanently deleted.

  1. Log into the account on that you wish to delete.
  2. Hover over your profile photo in the upper right-hand corner of the Strava page. Choose “Settings,” then find the “My Account” tab from the menu listed on the Left.
  3. Select the option to “Get Started” under “Download or Delete Your Account.”
  4. Check the box to confirm that you’ve already downloaded your data or you do not wish to download your data.
  5. Select “Request Account Deletion.” You will receive a confirmation email where you can complete the deletion process.

Student Safety:

Participation in the Strava cup is optional for all students. You MUST create a privacy zone.

Let’s get exercising!