2020 Book Week

Welcome to our 2020 Book Week!

Our theme for Book Week this year is ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’. 

We’re celebrating Book Week with several fun virtual activities that you can participate in, from the comfort of your own home.

Curious Creatures, Wild Minds Quiz

Test your knowledge of the ‘curious creatures’ in several well-known novels in our Quiz! Correctly identify the creatures, according to our clues, for your chance to win a great prize. Please provide the full name of the character when answering each question.

The quiz closes on Friday 28 August at 5pm.

Book Week Movies

To celebrate Book Week, the Rua Resource Centre has selected five Netflix movies based on this year’s theme “Curious Creatures Wild Minds”.

Featured Movies:

  1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them            ( Rating 15+ )
  2. MADAGASCAR  Escape 2 Africa                               ( Rating PG)
  3. The Jungle Book    (MOWGLI)                                  (Rating PG)
  4. Detective Pikachu  Pokémon                                   (Rating PG)
  5. White Fang                                                                  (Rating PG)

Click on the links above to sign in to school ClickView account to view any or all of these movies.

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This week’s character review: Pikachu

Pikachu is an Electric type of Pokémon. It has an evolution, of evolving into Raichu when touched by a Thunder stone. It is number twenty-five in the Pokémon index. Pikachu is on average point four of a metre tall and can usually weigh six kilos. Pikachu’s signature move is Thunder Bolt.

Pikachu is seen in the anime show ‘Pokémon’. You can also find this little creature in the manga series named ‘Pokémon Adventures’ by Hidenori Kusaka.

I grew up watching the tv show. With each episode you watch Ash and Pikachu’s friendship transforms throughout their adventures to the stage that Pikachu practically becomes family.

What is striking, is at first Pikachu hated Ash. It wasn’t until Ash attempts to save Pikachu from attack that a mutual respect is formed. Whereas, Pikachu’s story takes a different turn.

In the manga series Pikachu is caught by the character Red. The bond is still formed between the two characters, but how Red got Pikachu is the difference. You can read the series, once we are all back at school. The TV series is currently available on Netflix.

Check out this Youtube clip of Pikachu and Ash and the first steps they both take on an adventure of a lifetime.