Student Leader Messages of Support

While the start of Term Three looks a little different today, our Year 12 College Captains are excited to be back at school.

Robert Amendola reflects, “The conversations and enjoyable interactions that we have at school really lift the spirits of our year level. The way us boys have been able to support each other during this time been admirable, so I’m very excited to return.”

Adam Stone acknowledges, “I’m super keen to see all my mates again after being at home on the holidays. I think a lot of boys take for granted seeing their mates at school everyday, and it’s something that I’m super grateful for now, in this challenging year.”

On their advice to our Years 7-10 students entering their second period of remote learning, Robert Amendola reflects on the importance of staying connected.

“I would strongly suggest keeping in touch with classmates. During my time in remote learning, the little chats and conversations I was having with my mates were pivotal in making sure I stayed fresh throughout the day.”

“Getting out of the house is also really important. A walk or a little exercise are both helpful activities to keep yourself from becoming sluggish.”

“I bought myself a whiteboard during remote learning to keep organised. I would really recommend considering this, especially if you find yourself forgetting to complete tasks.”

“And finally, stay safe, do what you’re supposed to do, and we will be done with this in no time.”

Adam Stone acknowledges, “To our Years 7-10 students – keep working hard. I know it’s a drag having to go through this all again, but if you put the work in now, you will see massive results from it later down the track. Your work rate and determination through these next few weeks of remote learning will say a lot about how much you want to do well when you get to Year 12. I’ve been told this many times, but it’s always good to remember that the amount of effort you put into a school year determines how much success you get out of it.”

Great advice, boys! Let’s do this!