Mary McKertich Public Speaking Competition

In Term Two, Salesian’s Mary McKertich year level public speaking competitions took place; where a representative from each English class presented a 4-5 minute persuasive speech on a recent media issue. Normally, each speaker would present in front of the entire year level, however this year the competitions took place at lunchtime in front of a smaller audience. Nonetheless, the energy in the room was palpable, the students were incredibly supportive of one another and the speeches were of a very high quality. Congratulations to all the boys who competed. Our winners from each year level are as follows:

Year 7:

Isaac Peluso

Rohan Parikh


Year 8:

Nathaniel Hrambanis

Jordi Dermitzakis


Year 9:

Peter Holland

Stefan McCance


Year 10:

Olly Bastien-Sylva

Nicholas Colaci


Year 11:

Mitchell Savic

Steven Tran


Year 12

Ryan George

Rayyaan Raheem

Connor Hodinj

Ms Samantha Carey
Public Speaking Coordinator

Student Reflections:

“Having been involved in the McKertich Speaking Competition in Years 8 and 10, I think that it’s definitely safe to say that this year’s edition was a different experience. Although COVID-19 significantly compromised the level of practice and feedback we were able to receive this year, it was certainly a lot more reassuring to present to a limited audience. Nonetheless, the nerves were still there, albeit diluted. It’s always satisfying to present a contemporary topic to an audience of like-minded and similarly interested individuals. This, as I had observed, did not change. It was an honour to be named as one of the two year level winners and I commend the efforts of all speakers, including those that simply spoke at home. Public speaking, especially when it is your own opinion, requires courage. I look forward to the opportunity to further present my speech in the competition’s final in Term 3.” – Steven Tran, Year 11

“The day of the Year 11 McKertich Final was definitely different this year. It was a bit eerie to not have a few dozen groups of friends chatting in between speeches or the same loud cheer when a great speech is delivered. Yet, everyone seemed to enjoy their time, including myself. Every time someone finished speaking, all the other speakers and their invited friend would get around them, reassuring it went well. We were all nervous, so having that still happen was great to see and take place. Overall, despite these unprecedented times, it was still a great day, showing that not too much can stop some great minds speaking about issues that need resolving.” – Mitchell Savic, Year 11

“This was my first time participating in a year level public speaking competition. Before the oral presentation, I dedicated myself to preparing and memorising my speech in order to maximise the impact I wanted my speech to have. I felt a bit anxious and stressed about this, as I wanted to try and do my best when it came to this, which my friends had helped me achieve through humour and encouragement, leading to me feeling more confident and prepared when doing my speech. I was very proud of my speech afterwards, and didn’t expect to be chosen, which made me even happier.” – Stefan McCance, Year 9

Please note, the below photos were taken when social distancing was not a requirement in schools.