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New Look For The Facilities Team

Out with the fluorescent and in with the more modern, contemporary navy blue uniforms for the Facilities Team .

Along with upgrading our tired and dated fluorescent uniforms in April 2020, the team has taken on a new name: Facilities Team. Rebranding of the team has been undertaken to reflect the broad scope of works undertaken by the fellas in the navy blue. Long pants, short pants, polos and bomber jackets, the “boys in blue” are easy to spot and always happy to have a quick chat or to fix a problem.


New Ceiling Heater For The Kimberley Hall

The College recently installed a new radiant heating system in the Hall during the July 2020 school holidays. The new radiant ceiling heating system will provide a welcome upgrade to the air handling systems in the Hall especially on those cold winter and spring mornings.

Mr Peter Knight
Facilities Manager