Understanding Anxiety – Building Family Relationships: Virtual Conversation


As students adjust to their return to school following an extended period of remote learning, some may be feeling a sense of anxiety. In a conversation with Byron Chen (Salesian College Chadstone Dean of Students), wellbeing educator Dr Jodi Richardson aims to equip teachers and parents with an understanding of how we can best support students experiencing anxiety. Jodi shares her knowledge of the signs and symptoms of anxiety, how to model positive behaviours in support of anxious children, helpful strategies to support students as they return to school and more.

Video Key Topics and Times:

Time   Key Topics

0          Introduction

3:00     Defining anxiety

4:50     Signs and symptoms of anxiety

8:50     Managing adult expectations and Recognising individual perspectives

12:10   Balancing our expectations – How hard do we push students?

16:40   How do teachers recognise the onset of anxious students in our classrooms?

20:55   How do parents model positive behaviours in support of anxious students?

24:55   How do we consume a healthy amount of social media?

28:00   What strategies can we use to support students on their return to school?

32:12   How can parents manage their own anxieties in the above process?

35:45   How can students support their parents?

40:35   Teachers and parents supporting students through the uncertainty

45:19   Teachers understanding the parent perspective

48:36   How parents who are concerned about discussing their son’s issues can engage the school.

51:45   How do we adapt to the new norm?

58:55   Implementing tangible strategies

Dr Jodi Richardson: Wellbeing expert Dr Jodi Richardson is a mother of two with over twenty years’ experience in wellbeing, clinical practice, elite sport and education. Jodi co-authored the parenting handbook ‘Anxious Kids – How children can turn their anxiety into resilience’ with Salesian past student and leading parenting educator, Michael Grose (Class of 1973).