Parents’ Association

The challenging times we live in have had a huge impact on all our lives – at home and at school. The teachers and staff at the College provided tremendous support and commitment throughout lockdown for our boys. Many had their own children at home, facing the same challenges that we faced, and so we thought they’d like to know how much we appreciated them.

Shay Occhiuto reached out to me last week with a brilliant idea and with her wonderful help, we organised a delicious ‘brownie slab’ for every staff member as a small gesture of our thanks on behalf of the entire parent community.  

The tag reads “Thank you for the TLC you gave our boys during the lockdown. We think you deserve a little TLC in return. Please enjoy this small gesture of our appreciation. 

On behalf of the parents of the Salesian College Chadstone Community.” 

Tony Kemp of Brownie Kitchen supplied these delicious treats and he has been fantastic in his service to us. If you need any delicious bakery treats head over to @browniekitchen on Instagram or email and make all your brownie dreams come true! 

Tracy Stone
Parents’ Association President