‘Classics’ Read5 Reading Challenge

With the outbreak of COVID-19 requiring that we learn from home this term, there’s never been a better time to challenge yourself to read more!

This term, our Read5 Remote Reading Competition challenges you to read as many Classic books as you can. Is there a copy of a classic book sitting on your bookshelf at home, collecting dust? Why not start reading it?

How to Participate

  1. Start reading a book you have at home, or follow the links below to borrow an eBook or eAudioBook.


Salesian College eBooks and eAudioBooks

Project Gutenberg Free eBooks

Free Classic eBooks

Internet Archive

  1. Fill in our Challenge 1 – Reading Form to join this challenge.
  2. Commit to reading every day.
  3. Set a goal. How many books would you like to read this term?
  4. Keep a log of the books you have read. Ask your parent/guardian to sign each entry in your log.
  5. For every five books you read, you will earn two merits. You can earn up to 12 merits in total by reading 30 books.
  6. To earn additional merits, you can participate in our Challenge Activities Each activity you participate in will earn you two extra merits.
  7. Scan your log and completed forms and email through to by Friday 19 June 2020.

Challenge Activities

For extra merits, complete one of our activities below. Your submission will even be considered for publication on our College blog!

Challenge 2 – Classics
Challenge 3 – Book Review
Challenge 4 – Short Story Writing
Challenge 5 – Movie Review