A Day in the Life of a Remote Learner – James Ballantyne

Given the current global pandemic affecting the world it is quintessential to remain efficient in our schooling and to remain in normality. To deal with this issue, it’s important to view the glass half full and take a look at some of the positive aspects which have emerged from our new situation.

Given these drastic changes to all of our lives, it’s important to look at what’s positive, like not needing to lug a heavy bag around and waste time and energy commuting to and from school. To keep myself on time and structured, I tend to stick to class times and do work within class to limit the amount of homework I have to do. I’m trying to wake up at a similar time too, to try and encourage myself to sit at my desk with my laptop for another day. It’s also key to maximise productivity whilst at home. A great way to do this is by turning off most distractions around you whilst you’re working cooperatively. However, it pays sometimes to listen to music or something comforting whilst you work, or if possible, work with a friend, as this is what we would do at school usually.

Although we try to focus on the positives it has been a hard time for all of us, specifically concerning getting used to online school. It has been quite an adjustment with learning to upload and download work and getting acquainted with Microsoft Teams. There have also been personal challenges for me such as dealing with tragic Wi-Fi. In addition to this, requesting help or feedback from teachers can appear more daunting to students online, and the removal of face to face interaction has in general complicated many aspects of teaching.

It’s also recommended to keep up with your friends, either by starting to see them now as restrictions start to lighten or by keeping in contact with them online. Sometimes it is also feasible to do two things at once and work with them in class which lets you catch up together. I try to see my friends as much as possible when I’m bored, or communicate with them online via video apps. To keep happy and healthy it’s imperative to exercise, either by walking or running or potentially by bike riding. Any form of exercise is helpful and all keep you healthy during this time of quarantine.

Overall the drastic shift in experiences has been completely alien for all of us however, there have been positives that have arose from this. Always look at life with a glass half full perspective, even in the face of this global pandemic, and everything will turn out just fine for all of us.

James Ballantyne
Year 10