Mannix Film Festival

Throughout Term Four, each Year 9 English class developed their own documentaries, focusing on a particular topic or issue. Each student was required to pitch their idea to their class, before their classmates voted for the best ideas and formed small groups. Throughout the process, the groups planned, wrote scripts, constructed storyboards, filmed and produced their documentaries.

On Wednesday 4 December, the best videos from each class were showcased to all Year 9 students at our ‘Mannix Film Festival’.

The finalists included:

9A: School Gone Mad

9B: The Egg Files

9C: Eggbond

9D: Yard Duty

9E: The Snitch

9F: The Hitman

9G: The Political Divide

Winners were awarded by Year 12 Media Teacher extraordinaire, Mr Donaldson, who awarded the following prizes:

The Golden Egg for ‘Best Film’: The Hitman (Enrique Soria, James Ballantyne, Aris Polychronopoulos)

Mr Ryan Award for ‘Best Actor’: Matthew Mitchell (The Snitch)

Ms Barnett Award for ‘Best Director’: Jeremy Varkatzos & Dom Colantuono (Eggbond)

Congratulations to all students on their completed films!

Mr Heath Chipperfield
Year 9 English Teacher