Sports Academy AIS Camp

Between 20-23 September, 21 Year 8 Sports Academy students along with three staff visited the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra for a camp involving an intensive schedule of training, educational presentations and recovery sessions.

On arrival on Friday, we were quick to acclimatise to the extremely professional nature of the Institute with their strict guidelines on food, hygiene, exercise and curfews. The boys got an excellent insight into the life of an elite athlete and even got to dine alongside them during meal times.

Saturday began with a Nutrition lecture where the boys learnt about why athletes should care about what they eat and drink. After lunch the boys participated in a gym circuit where the trainer Phil, pushed the boys (and staff!) through an intense training session. We were then privileged to be taken on a tour of the facilities at the AIS and everyone was impressed with what was available for the athletes on site.

Sunday we participated in a practical recovery session. The session included techniques such as an active recovery using foam rollers, compression boots and contrast immersion using the spa and plunge pool. We then spent some time in the Canberra CBD completing a Scavenger Hunt activity in 3 separate teams. Back at the AIS we were then guided through the art of self-massage by an AIS physical therapist where we were taught the various methods of taking care of your body through massage treatment. We finished the day with an athlete presentation from para-rower Nikki Ayers. She spoke with the group about her injury playing rugby union and the subsequent 16 surgeries leading to her taking up rowing.

Monday involved our long trip back home, and it’s safe to say the boys were a little bit quieter than the trip up! Special thanks must go to Mr Steven Loonstra and Mr Jayden Hawkes who both gave up some of their holiday time to accompany myself and the group. Hopefully the boys got a lot out of the experience and can use much of the information gained.

Mr Stephen Sellwood
Sports Academy Coordinator