ACC Sport News

Intermediate Sport

Year 10 Cricket – We had a tough loss against Whitefriars, as they passed our score of 10/91 by only losing 1 wicket. Prajay Paramesh was our clear standout, making 54*.

Year 10 Tennis – Another tough loss for us, going down to Whitefriars 1-41 to 11-85. Schron Satheesh, Ricky Phung amd Menal Hewadonatapattaluge were our best players.

Year 10 Volleyball – It was a very rough day for our Year 10’s, as both of our Volleyball teams lost, with the A’s going down 2 sets to 1, and our B’s going down in straight sets. Thomas Valle, Jay Rossington and Cosi Fornaro were our best in the A’s, with Dean Koutsikos, Bevan Ung and Angelo Ioakimidis our best in the B’s.

Year 9 Cricket – Unfortunately we went down to De La Salle, after they passed our score of 10/97 only losing 3 wickets. Luke Ajani (25) and Lleyton Matchaya (23) were our best with the bat.

Year 9 Tennis – Thankfully, our Year 9 Tennis team managed to come away with a win, defeating De La Salle 8-86 to 4-73. Ben Harris, Dilenne Algama and Marnav Deo all played well.

Year 9 Volleyball – It was a mixed day for our Year 9 Volleyball team, with our A’s winning 2 sets to 1, and our B’s losing in straight sets. Our best players in the A’s were Jake Johnston, Jackson O’Meara and Aris Polychronopoulos, with the best in the B’s being Maiki Giannakopoulos, Narichard Chann and David Hickey.

Junior Sport

Year 8 Cricket – It was a nailbiting finish, as our boys claimed a 1 wicket win over St Bede’s. We managed to chase down their score of 5/117 in the 19th over. Gishain Fernando (52*) and Max Cavolo (30*) were fantastic in getting us over the line.

Year 8 Tennis – A very ordinary day, with our boys losing all 12 sets against St Bede’s. Our best players were Nimal Valanki, David James and Oli Johnson.

Year 8 Volleyball – Unfortunately, both of our teams were competitive, but beaten in straight sets against St Bede’s. Toby Fenton, Dieter Hagen-Mujica and Suraj Zabalegui were our best for the A’s, with Jack Scalzi, Will Whitehead and Brodie Vanderhorst were our best for the B’s.

Year 7 Cricket – Much like our Year 8 Cricket team, the Year 7 Cricket game came down to the wire! Unfortunately, the shoe was on the other foot, as Whitefriars hit the winning runs on the last ball of the day. Lucas Jones (30*) and Ronit Rehal (30*) both batted well, and Milan Panjetta was our best with the ball, taking 2 wickets.

Year 7 Tennis – It’s been a rough start to the season for our Year 7 Tennis team, as they lost another game 2 sets to 10 against Whitefriars. Ben Green, Julian Metsios and Hayden Lin were our best players.

Year 7 Volleyball – Unfortunately, our A’s lost a game that they should have won, losing 2 sets to 1 against Whitefriars. Our B’s managed a comfortable straight sets win. The best players for our B’s were Yokwan Kak, Jun Lee and James McLaughlin.

Jayden Hawkes
Sports Assistant