Year 9 Maths Model Competition

“As part of the Maths Model Competition, Year 9 students were required to build a model of a zoo. Our group made our model’s buildings out of nets that were cut with grooves so that the edges of the buildings could fold neatly, as well as precisely. We also kept the model plain cardboard, to keep the focus on the model’s layout rather than aesthetic. It also would have been a lot more work to create it out of another material!

After we built our zoo model, we presented it to a group of guests who included town planners from the council and four other guests from a visiting school in Saudi Arabia, which of course was no pressure for a group who just wanted to make a zoo out of some cardboard.

This task really helped us improve the precision of our measurements, as our model was measured down to be as precise as possible. We also translated the exact measurements from our plan, into our actual model itself to keep things evenly measured and pre-planned.”

– Lance Kieu

“In the Maths Model Competition we were asked to invent a creatively designed zoo, located in the Chadstone area. This process was comprised of the planning process, the general calculations process and then the creation process. Our zoo was laid out in a way that made it easy to navigate by the visitors and comfortable for the animals. It had an enclosure for each animal and a circular tube for fish. The practical aspect of the project helped improve my learning of the measurement topic, mainly because I could see all the measurements in front of me, and everything was to correct scale.”

– Lachlan Kumic