Sacramental Liturgy

On Wednesday 4 September we witnessed 15 young people receive the Sacraments and continue their faith journeys. They spent Term 3 preparing and learning more about their faith and the sacraments. They covered the important element of community in Baptism (which one boy received), forgiveness in Reconciliation, the sacrifice of Jesus in the Eucharist and receiving the Holy Spirit in Confirmation.

It has been an individual journey, but the candidates walked together; helping each other understand the importance of Jesus in the lives.

Monsignor Tony Ireland, the Episcopal Vicar for the Easter Region of the Archdiocese, celebrated the sacramental liturgy delivering a wonderful homily likening the Holy Spirit to Wifi; explaining that you cannot touch, see, hear, taste or smell Wifi, nor can you touch, see, hear, taste or smell the Holy Spirit. To engage Wifi you need to ‘tap your apps’ otherwise Wifi is useless. The same goes for the Holy Spirit, you need to engage it to be useful.

I would like to congratulate the following boys on their courage to say ‘yes’ to their faith journey.

Lachlan Baxter 

Ashton Dell’Arciprete    

Brodie Grewcock            

William Kesuma

Derick Maimarosia          

Francis Maimarosia        

Julian Metsios

Tadhg Nicholas O’Driscoll             

Ari Perera           

Gus Roach          

Eamonn Ryan    

Oscar Ryan         

Jamie Ubachs    

Julius Alois Zelder           

Iskra Zlatanovski              

I look forward to watching the faith journeys of these boys continuing during their time here at the College.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission