Languages Day

On Monday 16 September, Salesian celebrated Languages Day with many activities being held in the hall. The intention of the day was to appreciate the variety of cultures and languages in the Salesian community. With many activities being held on the day, the Year 7s were able to participate fully in various Chinese and Italian themed activities. Some of the activities on the day were:

  • Italian Mosaics
  • Italian Spelling Bee
  • Italian Art ( A celebration of Leonardo da Vinci’s 500 years)
  • Italian Cards (Scopa)
  • Chinese Mask making
  • Chinese Jump rope
  • Chinese Calligraphy
  • Chinese Feather ball

Year 7s were also able to guess how many lollies were in a jar by correctly spelling two Italian words. The winner of the lolly jar was Julian Metsios in 7A.

The winners of the Italian Poster Competition were:

Year 7 – Adam Kuruvilla, Alex Andrea and Anthony Saraullo.

Year 8 – Roey Shresta, Emman Aquino & Methul Agalagama, Avellino Jones & Keenan D’Souza & Sven Vuz.

The day would not have been a success without the help of many people, including the Year 11 and 10 Italian classes, alongside the Year 7’s excellent participation. Special thank you to Mrs Bonne, Miss Barcelona, Mrs Salemme and Mr Zhang along with the Confucius Society for their help on the day.

– Joseph Curtis and Riley Skalamera, Year 11 students 

Languages Day is an exciting event in the Salesian school calendar. Languages Day involves numerous enjoyable activities such as mask making, Chinese calligraphy, Italian mosaics, Italian cards and many others. On 16 September all of the year sevens were able to learn and engage in different activities, that provided an insight into both Chinese and Italian cultures. Food was also sold there, such as white rabbits and cannoli. There were also many traditional games to indulge in as well.

Personally I, as well as many others, found Languages Day extremely enjoyable, as it is a time to engage with others and discover things about other cultures that were previously unknown. All of the year sevens were able to appreciate the two diverse cultures, with respect, and learn about their types of food, beliefs, and symbols.

I, along with many others, participated in the task of Chinese mask making. This involved painting a mask with whatever colour you wished. Also, in this activity we learnt about the symbolism of different colours, and what they mean. This involved learning about how the colours represented different character traits. I also played one of the Chinese traditional games with my friends, which was also highly enjoyable.

Languages Day is a highly anticipated day in the Salesian school year. It involves a variety of different enjoyable activities as well as a chance to learn about the diversity of the two different cultures.

– Alex Marinis, 7B